"The Secret War Against the Settlers"

By Barry Chamish

Sharon pulled off a coup. Defying his party and supposedly his ideals, he wrangled a Gaza pullout from his government. How did he do it? Through a level of criminality even he is incapable of reaching alone. He had help; the most corrupt and murderous help currently available on the planet.

We begin our understanding of the secret war against the settlers in December, 1993 when a true patriot working in the communications department of a government ministry risked his job and life by letting me read intercepted transcripts of the secret clauses of Oslo, negotiated by Yossi Beilin. He gave the same transcripts to journalists Steve Rodan and Hillel Halkin, but I was the only one to publish the most shocking sections.


Police brutality during evacuation of settlers; well practised throat grip and fists
The parties agreed to hand over all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza to the PLO and rid the areas of their Jewish residents. The means to this end included increased terror and, this was the most shocking section, the targeted elimination of the population's religious and political leaders. The assassinations began shortly after, with the shooting of NRP leader Rabbi Chaim Duckman's car, killing his driver and the murder of Moledet leader Miriam Lapid's husband and son in an ambush. The method proved itself when Lapid moved to a new home within the Green Line.

This encouraged the "peacemakers," and the campaign of murder was stepped up. Rabbis throughout the territories fell like kingpins; Shapiro, Kahane, Lieberman et al and to pave the way for the Gaza evacuation, Rabbi Yitzhak Arama, the revered rabbi of Gush Katif, was rubbed out in an ambush in 2002. The Israeli hit team gave his location to the Arab triggermen. That is the case in all the targeted murders aimed at demoralizing the Jews from their homes. I mean all.

In December 2003, I had a visit from a career soldier, 27 years in the IDF. He told me that soldiers were being murdered from within the IDF to further political goals. "There was this Ben Yosef from Efrat. He was a leader of the hilltop outposts movement. The killers tricked the Air Force into shooting his car with a missile from a helicopter. Then last October 27, they did it again in Netzarim. In the afternoon, the base commander stripped the weapons from three soldiers, two of them women. At night, two terrorists somehow got past base security, which never happened before, and murdered the three disarmed soldiers. They knew exactly where they were sleeping. In a base of over 150 soldiers, that would have been completely impossible without information from our side. The next day the government announced its pullout plan for Netzarim. They murdered three soldiers from the coastal area, two of them young women, none of whom had a chance to defend themselves, just to persuade secular Israelis that it was too risky for their children to stay in Gaza."

Police strangling a youth
Tali Khatuel and her 4 kids

Fast forward to May 2004. The Likud Party holds a referendum to decide the future of Gaza. It looks like the Sharon pullout will be defeated. Drastic action was needed. A pregnant mother, Tali Khatuel and her four daughters were slaughtered in their car on the way out of Gaza to participate in a referendum rally. IDF soldiers were not 30 yards away from the massacre and did nothing to stop it. Surely, this ghastly crime would persuade the middle-of-the road Likudniks that it was too dangerous to stay in Gaza. But it did not and Sharon was defeated.

This required even ghastlier atrocities. What could be better than arranging for the murder of 13 young soldiers and even better, the gleeful mutilation of their bodies. For this operation, the Israeli hit team needed international cooperation and got it.

"Hundreds of IDF soldiers resumed the search this morning for the remains of soldiers who were killed in the blast of their armed personnel carrier on Wednesday in southern Gaza. The searching soldiers, in lines of ten, are crawling in the sand, combing the area for anything that could prove to be the remainder of their friends. The search is taking place on both sides of the Israeli-Egyptian border, as the force of the blast scattered pieces hundreds of meters in all directions.

Military correspondent Danny Shalom of HaTzofeh newspaper noted that Egypt's approval for Israeli searchers to enter Egypt was "given, ridiculously enough, by Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak - who is no less responsible than the terrorists for the smuggling of explosives into Gaza." Israel has often blamed Egypt for "not doing enough" to stop the smuggling from Egypt to Gaza.

"Defense Minister Sha'ul Mofaz said today that ambulances of the United Nations Relief Works Association (UNRWA) had taken remains of soldiers killed in Tuesday's attack to PA-controlled areas. Arab residents of Gaza were filmed gleefully holding and playing with body parts shortly after the attack on Tuesday morning.
Arabs in Gaza playing with the organs of dead Israeli soldiers

Though the PA later returned some of the remains, Mofaz demands that UN Secretary-General relate to the fact that representatives of the world body facilitated the abuse of Israeli corpses."With the help of the UN and Egypt, the Israeli "peace" team got the Gaza massacre and humiliation they needed to exact revenge for Sharon's pullout defeat. The Israeli hit squad is the murder arm of the real powers that be on this wicked planet. Once again we will try and educate a people determined to resist the deep truth and too arrogant to admit their political perspective is all but worthless.

Bush at Bilderberg, a Day After Meeting Pope
Marc Delcour - 31May04
Roughly translated from
Metula News Agency article in French
The Middle East is soon to be moving under the impulse of  a huge behind-the-scenes agreement between governments of the USA, Israel, and certain components of the Palestinian Authority as well as Egypt and Jordan. And for the first time these last two countries have accepted to play an active role on the side of Israel, coordinated by the Sharon government.

As this agreement is rolled out of the shadows into the public domain it is becoming clear that the new plan doesn't insist on an end to the Israel-Palestinian conflict but that the partners have a fixed goal now to realize the conditions of the 'road map'.

In other words, it is about the neutralization of armed resistance to Israeli occupation, cessation of violence and an in-depth reform of the Palestinian Authority.

On Israeli Side, Ariel Sharon has accepted to evacuate the Gaza Strip and to dismantle all Jewish settlements if the agreement is signed.

Guess who's at super-secret Bilderberg meeting today?
Bilderberg: The ultimate conspiracy theory http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/3773019.stm
Check it http://www.bilderberg.org/pepis03.htm

A reader writes: "I met Charles Bronfman socially last month and told him I live in Gush Katif. He scowled and said that if he had his way, there would be nothing left of my home but sand dunes."

There is a little think tank in Manhattan called the Council On Foreign Relations. The 3800 members are as powerful in America as the Bilderbergers are in Europe. The Bronfman brothers are intimately tied to the CFR and brother Edgar is an executive member of the cabal.

Lately, some CFR members known as neo-cons have been attacked directly by other CFR members like Anthony Zinni and or indirectly by the likes of John Kerry. Incredibly, because they are causing blood to gush in Iraq and claim they are fighting Islamic terror, Israelis and Jews think the neo-cons are their allies. They cannot understand a very simple and clear fact: it is the neo-cons who are behind "the Roadmap," and it is the neo-cons like Wolfowitz, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Perle, Pipes, Krauthammer, (every one of them but Rumsfeld CFR members) who are forcing Sharon to pull out of Gaza, even if it requires murdering Jews to make a point. They want for Israel what they've got for Iraq...even foreign troops. Sharon's "disengagement" plan calls for foreign troops taking over lands evacuated by Gaza's Jews.

Allow me to quote a June 3 article from The Jerusalem Post: BUSH BACKS GAZA WITHDRAWAL
"US President George W. Bush threw his support again behind Prime Minister Sharon's unilateral withdrawal from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank, days before the cabinet is to vote on it.
"Bush: 'His decision provides an historic moment of opportunity to begin building a future Palestinian state.'
"A well-placed source said the administration is trying to help Sharon win cabinet approval on Sunday.
"On Wednesday, senior US officials including Assistant Secretary of State William Burns (CFR) and National Council Middle East Advisor Elliot Abrams (CFR) are scheduled to meet with PA Negotiations Minister Saeb Erekat.
"Bush's White House declaration Tuesday came after a meeting between US National Security Advisor Condeleeza Rice (CFR) and Sharon's bureau chief Dov Weisglass."

Dov Weisglass
Now what kind of man is Dov Weisglass to uproot thousands of Jews from their homes? Why, he is a Mafia hood who wants to get a piece of a casino. Now I reported the Weisglass-Sharon-Arafat etc. casino syndicate two years ago and somehow never got any credit for the discovery.

So I'm going to let someone who never publicly acknowledges my contribution tell the story this time around. I give you, David Bedein:

Plans to give pieces of Israel's land to Austrian Companies
Jews out! Austrians welcome!

"According to the P.A. tourist publication This Week in Palestine, plans are well underway to build a new casino and tourist resort in Southern Gaza. "Is it a coincidence," Bedein asks, "that this is where the Jewish communities of Katif now reside?" PA sources say that the new casino will be owned by the same as those who own the Jericho casino: the PA, an Austrian casino company, the Austrian Bank BAWAG and Martin Schlaff - all of them clients of Weissglass' office. When working for Sharon, Weissglass was engaged in high-level negotiations with PA figures. He also met with American officials regarding preparations for the "disengagement" from Gaza and the evacuation of Jewish towns in Katif.

"Dov Weissglass, who recently resigned as head of Prime Minister Sharon's Office, is still listed as part-owner of a law firm representing PA business interests who wish to build a casino in southern Gaza.

"In January 2003, the Israel Civil Service Commission spokesman affirmed Bedein's finding that Weissglass was still registered in the Israel Corporate Register as part of his law firm, Weissglass-Almagor. The spokesman dismissed its importance, however, saying that Weissglass had divested himself from all financial interests in that firm. The Commission asked him to formally remove his name from the firm, however, and indeed, in April 2003, he did so.

"But, Bedein now reports, it has been confirmed by the Israel Corporate Authority that Weissglass is still registered as the lawyer of record for two other firms that are located at the same addresses and with the same lawyers. One of them, in fact, has the very same name: Weissglass-Almagor.

"On May 11, 2004, the spokesman for the Israel Civil Service Commission wrote that Weissglass had divested himself of his law firm and had sold the shares of his business. Upon examination of the publicly available Israel Corporate Authority records of the Weissglass business, Bedein reports, there is no record of any Weissglass activity to divest neither from this second law firm nor from his business.

"Two weeks ago," Bedein wrote in Makor Rishon, "Weissglass was asked if he still has contacts with the casino company. His answer: 'No comment.'"

"Bedein lists the following remaining questions:
* What profits did Weissglass' law office and business make from Palestinian Authority interests before and after Weissglass assumed his position?
* What are the current profits of Weissglass' law office and business from Palestinian Authority interests?
* Is there a possibility of a conflict of interest, at a time when Weissglass conducts negotiations on behalf of the state of Israel with all official levels of the Palestinian Authority?

"These questions need to be addressed," Bedein concludes, "by the Knesset, the Attorney-General, the State Comptroller and by the Israel Civil Service Commission." The latter two can be visited at
(http://www.mevaker.gov.il/serve/site/english/index.asp) and (http://www.civil-service.gov.il/english/e_index.htm)."

Now, let us recall what I exposed two years ago. As far as I know, I first exposed the Sharon-Weisglass casino mafia. Now everyone is catching up.

From Haaretz 5/6/04: Weisglass pushed Sharon to reopen Jericho casino

Yaakov Katz May. 6, 2004
"During negotiations with the Labor Party in October 2000 over the possibility of the Likud joining a national unity government, Ariel Sharon was asked by attorney Dov Weisglass, today his bureau chief, to speak with then premier Ehud Barak over the possibility of reopening the casino in Palestinian-controlled Jericho, The Jerusalem Post has learned. "The casino is jointly owned by the Palestinian Authority, Casinos Austria, the Austrian bank BAWAG, and Austrian-Jewish businessman Martin Schlaff, a key figure in the ongoing police investigation of the prime minister and his son, Gilad.

"At the time I did not think anything was too strange with Weisglass's request, since at the time we knew that he was an attorney for the casino," said one of the participants at a meeting in October 2000 at the Sharon ranch. "But now, with the allegations that Sharon may have received bribes from Schlaff, the meeting and the request seem suspicious."

"The reopening of the Oasis Casino, which had a daily turnover of some $680,00 before it was closed nearly four years ago due to the conflict with the Palestinians, depends largely on Israeli policy in the territories. "The owners were reportedly given a franchise to operate the Jericho casino until 2028, with a 10-year tax exemption from the day it opened. BAWAG, like Schlaff, is also eagerly waiting for the government to allow for Israelis to resume gambling at the casino.

"Following his victory in the 1999 Likud Party leadership primaries, Sharon went into debt to repay NIS 4.7 million in illegal campaign contributions. Gilad Sharon received a $1.5 million loan, originating in Austria, from South Africa-based businessman Cyril Kern in order to repay another loan the family had taken out in order to return the illegal donations. "The police are investigating the possibility that Kern served as a front man for Schlaff, another friend of Sharon's, and a businessman heavily invested in Israel, who could have made the loan in the hope that Sharon would make decisions favorable to his business interests, including the reopening of the Jericho casino.

"'We met to talk about whether Sharon should join a unity government with Barak, and Weisglass told Arik to pressure Barak into reopening the casino," the source said. 'They agreed that if Sharon joined the coalition, then they would ease restrictions on the Palestinians in Jericho in order to inadvertently allow for the casino to reopen.'

"Shortly after the meeting at the ranch in order to discuss Weisglass's proposal, the national unity talks fell through.

After Barak called for elections in December 2000, Sharon, in a landslide victory, was elected prime minister in February 2001 and appointed Weisglass as his bureau chief.

"In November 2002, after Gilad Sharon learned that police were tracking the money transfers, he received two additional money transfers from BAWAG, totaling some $1.5 million."

And two years ago I exposed the ugly fact that Sharon's Bureau Chief, Dov Weisglass was personal attorney to Muhamed Rashid, spelled Rachid below. No conflict of interest here that Sharon's chief aide is on the payroll of the PLO's biggest embezzler. Again, from Haaretz:   
"Palestinian Finance Minister Salam Fayyad, a former IMF official who was appointed last year to reform Palestinian finances and end corruption, said recently that his reforms were beginning to bring some order to the murky economic structures created by Arafat.

Last year, the commercial assets illegally controlled by Arafat and Rachid were finally trans­ferred to the Palestine Investment Fund. Auditors identified 67 in­vestments in various banks and companies around the world with a total value of $633 million.

"But Khraisheh said the reform had little effect because only the assets were turned over, not the profits from ivestments, and the tax revenues were not returned at all. In addition, Rachid, who was appointed to head the fund's board of directors, still effectively controlled the assets.

"Khraisheh said the board members had gone to meet Rachid in Cairo, where he now lives, but he 'refused to cooperate in revealing where the money is.'"

Yes, peaceniks everywhere, your "peacemakers" are not interested in peace. No one believes a Gaza pullout will bring peace. Everyone knows it will encourage more such "victories" through terror. Your Israeli "peacemakers" want to launder endless rolls of cash in the casino which will be their reward for the pullout. And the foreign powers are salivating at the thought of even more bloodshed, conflict and best of all, an Israel stripped of its religiosity, patrolled by their troops.

To get their way, they launched a secret war against the settlers. The strategy had several tentacles and it goes on to this day and will until Israel turns into a Sabbataian state or no state at all.

Tentacle 1 - Demoralize Through Ghastly Murder     
The list of the dead is too long to even summarize. So I chose three cases where the parents not only refuse to believe me, but have denounced me. If they can be woken up, it would work wonders.

Last week, I was at a political meeting where several Knesset members spoke. Tzvi Hendel was nice to me and we had an extended conversation. But Yitzhak Levy ran from me. When he was Housing Minister, he approved 9000 new units for Judea and Samaria. Shortly after, his daughter was blown up in Jerusalem. A bomb was put on the stairs of her building just before she entered it. He sat at cabinet meetings after with his daughter's real murderers in the same room.

Koby Mandel was a fourteen year old boy butchered with a friend in a cave outside their village near Bethlehem. The boy was barely in the ground before shots went through his teenage sister's bedroom window. Their mother, Sherrie, still thinks this was a coincidence. It was not. It was double-whammy planned terror and "we" told the Arabs where to aim.

Ariel Weiss was the subject of a heart-lifting Jerusalem Post article. Within, was the story of how his mother lifted Nablus troop morale by bringing his platoon some treats. Two weeks later a small uprising was contrived and Ariel was lured into the range of a sniper. The parents refuse to accept this account because they think it makes them guilty. How can they be guilty of anything? How could they have known about the secret war?

Now, time is short. And unless the deviousness of the internal enemy is recognized, all will be lost.

Tentacle Two - Destroy The Opposition

Not long after the second Oslo Accord was signed, a civil insurrection was mounted by Zo Artzeinu, led by Moshe Feiglin. His followers blocked roads with burning tires and posed a real threat to the country's daily viability. This was the only reaction that Oslo deserved. However, a few years ago, Feiglin had a change of heart and decided to join the Likud and "fight from within." And his followers still say, "But look at the effect we're having on the Likud!"

Yeah, look.

Arutz Sheva was the voice of the opposition. So Sharon just shut it down. And nobody did a thing to stop him.

Rabin, Gur, Zeevi, Ben Elissar etc. wanted to shut down Oslo. You know the rest.

Tentacle Three - Bring In The Psychopaths

Netanyahu had just been elected Prime Minister and he was determined to unilaterally pull out of Hebron. Sound familiar? But he was short three votes in the cabinet. In comes a psychopathic soldier named Noam Friedman, fresh from a government hospital psychiatric ward. He shoots up the Hebron shuk in front of the TV cameras and the guilt-ridden cabinet gives Netanyahu his wish.

We will not detail such staged atrocities as the Hebron massacre, Bat Ayin etc. etc. Instead let's look at a picayune incident; the uprooting of olive trees by the settlers of Kfar Tapuakh and Itamar. Now could anything be lower than killing innocent Arab trees?  Not in the public eye. Only problem is the uprooters were members of the "peace" team and Kfar Tapuakh and Itamar are on their chopping block.

However, it's not the trees who will suffer as the secret war against the settlers carries on. Jewish families of all political and economic stripes will grieve and grieve until there is no one left to grieve for.

Israel is being murdered through dissection by greedy, immoral, lying, treacherous thugs. Civil disobedience against them is no equal crime. But there is a cleaner option and I've been saying it for years. Get them on Rabin. The evidence has been amassed.
Rabin's murderers are the "peacemakers" behind the Gaza pullout.

Now sue, sue and sue some more.  Or wallow in your pens until it's your turn for the slaughterhouse.

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