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Anti-Yesha"What is your attitude to the concept, 'The Rule of Law'," I was asked by Ha'aretz reporter Lily Galili a month ago. I replied that this concept is abhorrent to me. "This is a totalitarian idea. I am in favor of the rule of justice."

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A small criminal acts in contravention of the law. A medium criminal evades the law. A big criminal acts using the law.
However, those who chose to act criminally using the law, those who destroyed a synagogue instead of thousands of other illegal buildings in the same region, are in fact saying that they believe in the law of the strong, not in the law of those in the right. From Federman to Tapuah and The Hague, and Back.By Moshe Feiglin 23 January 2004  "ManhigutEn" <>
Interior Minister Avraham Poraz (Shinui), rehashing the same claims against the Jewish build-up of Yesha that have been heard for decades, said, "This is a big mistake, one that will place us at odds with the U.S. and the entire world... We have enough problems as it is with the fence... This is part of Housing Minister Effie Eitam's irresponsible policies. I hope the Prime Minister will restrain him." Arutz Sheva News Service <> Friday, Oct. 24, 2003
I am puzzled that Minister Poraz, who fights for foreign workers in order to entitle them to permanent status in Israel, is willing to abandon his own Jewish brothers who are citizens of Israel. MK Zvulun Orlev (NRP) Minister of Social Affairs
The Defense Ministry suffered a costly loss yesterday when its launch of the Ofek-6 satellite failed and the craft plunged into the Mediterranean Sea. The loss is estimated at well over $50 million, [could be $100 million] not including lost income from countries such as India that had planned to purchase photos.
 The Ofek-6 was also likely to be used for political purposes: to map out the precise borders of the Jewish towns in Judea and Samaria, in order to know where to ban all further construction. Just yesterday, Haaretz military correspondent Ze'ev Schiff wrote that the Defense Ministry had long been considering the option of using the Ofek-6 to document the growth of Yesha communities, as "the authorities have been unable to collect sufficient data on the construction there."
 One of the purposes of photographing all the Yesha communities, Schiff wrote, was to "compare the findings with the data collected by the American satellites engaged in documenting construction in the communities." He wrote that Israel faces the problem of not having "one central information center with all the details on the borders of all the settlements." This is the reason why the visit of American Defense Department officials, scheduled for this week, was postponed - as Israel said it did not have sufficient data.Prime Minister Sharon promised the Americans this past April to find a satisfactory way to define the existing construction lines in the Yesha towns - but has not yet done so. The fall of the Ofek-6 does not make the job any easier. Arutz Sheva News Service Tuesday, Sept. 7, 2004

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  See "The Secret War Against the Settlers"
IL FactsPowerSpeaking at the opening of a meeting of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) in Malaysia today (Thursday), the Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammad urged Moslems to unite against the Jews and against Israel. However, he said that it should be done by emulating the Jews themselves, who "survived 2,000 years of pogroms not by hitting back, but by thinking. They invented socialism, communism, human rights and democracy, so that persecuting them would appear to be wrong, so that they can enjoy equal rights with others."
 While naming Israel as "the enemy allied with most powerful nations," Mohammad claimed that "the Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.... [T]hey have gained control of the most powerful countries and they, this tiny community, have become a world power. We cannot fight them through brawn alone, we must use our brains also." Arutz Sheva News Service <> Oct. 16, 2003
But we are able differentiate between Medinat Israel (the State of Israel) and Eretz Yisrael (the Land of Israel), the eternal inheritance of the Jewish people. B'SHEVA News Magazine interview with Esther Pollard by Ofra Lax - April 16, 2003
Israel, Jehovah's reality
, Moshe FeiglinThe Arabs couldn't destroy Israel in '48, though the West stepped back to enabled them; neither will she be destroyed by the establisment of s Palestian state
See:- CFOIC Alert: Amazing Facts About Israel
  Land Legality “Judea, Samaria and Gaza are not ‘occupied territories’ according to international law due to the fact that they were not taken from any foreign sovereign,” says Law Professor Talia Einhorn, a senior member of the research faculty at Tel Aviv University and a Law professor at the Shaarei Mishpat College in Hod HaSharon.
 Einhorn delivered her statements at a session entitled “U.S.-Israel Relations” at the Jerusalem Conference which concluded Wednesday. She declared: “It is important to remember and mention daily what Israel has already said for years, not only the government, but judicial experts – that Yesha [Judea, Samaria and Gaza], according to international law is not occupied territory.” Einhorn explained that when Israel won the Six-Day War, no foreign country had recognized sovereignty over the land that was liberated. Egypt claimed no sovereignty over Gaza, and when Jordan tried to assert sovereignty over Judea and Samaria in 1950, the only countries to recognize it were England and Pakistan – with England limiting its recognition to eastern Jerusalem, but not the expanses of land extending north and south of it.

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    “Their biggest opponents were in fact the Arab countries,” said Einhorn. She went on to say that the 1967 demarcation lines are in fact, according to international agreements, simply cease-fire lines that should never be considered political demarcations or national borders.
   In the Encyclopedia of International Law, it is written that Israel was established without international borders. Israel’s only internationally recognized borders are with Jordan and Egypt, as a result of the peace agreements that were signed.
   Calling Israel ‘Colonialist’ with the intention of deligitimization is very severe, Einhorn said, especially considering how specious the argument is. “The Land of Israel is our land. No other nation ever made Israel into its country.” Arutz Sheva News Service. Mar. 18, 2004
Excellence of Jewish People/IsraelisIngenuity
 Giga Information Group, in a position paper published on Wall Street this past week (July 20, 2002), wrote, "Without Israeli technology, the west will not develop. Many organizations throughout the world, including the American national infrastructure, will not survive for long without constant support from the revolutionary technology coming from Israel."
"I spent two days in Europe and two days in Israel, because there's more technological innovation in Israel than in the whole of Europe." - Cisco's Vice President of Technology, quoted in Yediot Acharonot's business magazine, January 8, 2002
Holy Sites"The Temple Mount is the heart of the Nation of Israel, the object of its longings throughout the generations. If we give up on the Temple Mount, then we have to ask what are we doing here in the land altogether." Prof. Dan Zaslavski. Arutz-7 News: Thursday, Feb. 6, 2003

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Security{In} this insane government, no one is even talking about Israel holding onto these vital {defense} positions. Brig.Gen.(res.) Aharon Levran. (He referred to the slopes of the mountains overlooking the Jordan Valley)
War with Arabs=Religious The Yesha Rabbis Council: "The burning of synagogues by Arab rioters proves again that this is a religious war, based on a hatred for Judaism, and not merely political hostility. This is not understood by our wicked government, which is trying to turn the Jews into a nation like all the others and detaches itself from Judaism. Only by connecting to the Torah, Land and Nation of Israel will we deter our various enemies." Arutz 7 News: Wednesday, September 12 2005 Responses to the Arabs´ Burning of the Synagogues
See a breakdown of Israel's neighbors (mostly Arab) with whom Israel will have to deal with in Psalm 83 
FenceThe Yesha Council stated, "We remain steadfast that terrorism can be defeated by aggressive means, and not by hiding behind walls... The partition as decided upon yesterday, however, is clearly not a political wall, but rather a security partition, and is therefore a failure for those political elements who wished to take advantage of it as a springboard to create a Palestinian state in all of Judea, Samaria and Gaza." Arutz Sheva News Service Oct. 2, 2003
Blood for PRPrayer Before Going To Battle:. . . And save us from the Central Commander who announced to the nation in complete seriousness that we are sending our sons to battle instead of bombing the enemy from the air - in order not to hurt Palestinian civilians....Put wisdom into the head of the head that decided to rely on the Palestinians to evacuate [Border Police Cpl.]  Madhat Yusuf from Joseph's Tomb [IMRA: he bled to death], and now shows mercy on the Palestinians and cruelty to the IDF soldiers.  Please bring him and the idiots who also refused to bomb Jenin to understand the meaning of

"all who show mercy to the merciless ultimately are merciless to the merciful!"

Please save us from our leaders. We can already handle our enemies."

Hatzofeh 14 May 2004 Translated by Aaron Lerner, IMRA |

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