This is not God's Way - Israel!

Thursday 15 April 2004

Why, why does Israel always feel that it needs to run to the United States to get that government's approval for nearly every decision it wants to make? Well did the prophet of old address this issue when he prophesied:

"Woe to the rebellious children*1*," says the Lord, "Who take counsel, but not of Me, and who devise plans, but not of My Spirit, that they may add sin to sin; who walk to go down to Egypt, and have not asked My advice, to strengthen themselves in the strength of Pharaoh, and to trust in the shadow of Egypt! Therefore the strength of Pharaoh shall be your shame, and trust in the shadow of Egypt shall be your humiliation."  (Isaiah 30:1-3)

The underlying reason for Prime Minister Sharon's current political initiative, as one of his close aids told me recently, is that Israel is tired of war, and its people want to live and enjoy their lives in a time of peace like all the other Gentile nations in a time of peace, in what they hope will be a largely Jewish populated state. They are therefore willing to withdraw from and cede those areas where too many Arab Muslims live, in the false hope that they will finally be left alone.

By thus looking for Gentile approval of its quest to settle down like all other nations, these Israelis truly rebel against the Lord their God. For He has promised, yes sworn, to give them their land in its entirety as an everlasting possession, so that upon this land they would be a light to the Gentiles, not an emulator of the ways of the Gentiles!

It is with this eternal purpose that the present political initiative is at war. As Isaiah warns, "that they may add sin to sin" and in rebellion to God choose by a majority to live like any other Gentile nation!

As we shall shortly see: This will not lead to peace but to a horrible disappointment in spite of all the euphoria over the outcome of Sharon's latest visit to Washington DC.

God will not let this happen. He will not allow Jews to be uprooted from His land that He promised to His people, and permit this land to be given, against His divine Will and Purpose, to those who after all their numerous acts of violence and massacres - like Amalek and his hordes - intend to use it to amass as many Muslims as possible so as to drive the Jews from what will remain of their land.

So, as we have already seen in the fierce reaction of nearly all the Muslim Arab states, all this maneuvering will certainly not bring peace nearer. It has already united the Arab world as never before against little Israel, and against President Bush and his policies towards both Iraq and Israel. The sad result of this will be - also because of the continual Arab-inspired European and Quartet pressures on the U.S. government - that America will soon be forced to minimize its support for Israel's demands and concerns in order to curry favor with a deeply offended Arab world.

And as the Israeli left leaps to express its understanding of the inevitable slide back in support of the Arabs' demands - near total withdrawal from all the "territories" - to Israel's shock and disappointment the US will stay on the sidelines out of fear that it may lose even more credit among the 43, mainly oil-rich Arab states.

Well did Isaiah prophesy concerning Israel's trust in Pharaoh and Egypt, as Israel today trusts in President Bush and the United States: "Therefore the strength of Pharaoh shall be your shame and the trust in the shadow of Egypt shall be your humiliation."  (Isaiah 30:3)

May God prevent His people from going this way of the Gentiles!

Jan Willem van der Hoeven, Director
International Christian Zionist Center

*1* If Isaiah's words 'rebellious children' seem to be a bit harsh to describe Israel's present plan and moves, perhaps the words of an American Jewish rabbi in support of this plan show how arrogant and rebellious is the tone of the advocates of this move:

"Since God gave us the land, we have the right to give it away if we decide to do so! 
We disagree with the Evangelical Christians about the borders of Israel, but we can argue our way out of what you claim belongs to us.  We see things differently - in the Biblical perspective.  We don't want or need Gaza.  We don't want or need most of the West Bank.
We want all the Palestinians out of our Jewish State - they have to go somewhere.  We want to kick them all out, and secure our borders with walls.  Then, after they have their own state, if they attack us we will respond with war."


Zionsake Editor: It is also appropriate at this time to point readers to an overview at the hand of historical facts of the question, "Is the US an Ally of Israel?" ( A Chronological Look at the Evidence; Historical and Investigative Research; by Francisco Gil-White). See:  &

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