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Politics in Israel
Friday, 26 October 2007
Solution to Israel's problems
Topic: Israel's enemies
October 25, 2007
There is only one thing to consider, that is God's  goal: submission to His word.
God has always sent enemies against Israel when they refused to follow His ways.  In wars, God is able to strike two sides at once.
Do not forget 2 Chronicles 7:14. "If My people, who are called by My name...
This Two Part Letter is Full of Power to Solve Your Problems:
This is part of a letter I wrote to the president when he was looking for a Special Envoy to the Islamic Nations:  I wanted to be an advisor.
I know that the skills I have are unique and powerful.  They come from a path I chose in August 1990; it was one of in-depth focus on holy writings of many religions and a strong focus on current events in governments, religions and world events and the connection between them.  There are easy workable solutions.
These skills we need in our president, National Security Adviser, Homeland Security Director, military advisers, counter-terrorism advisers, United Nations and European Union leaders as well as our own citizens.  We only need to lift truth into view.
Needed Skills:
           We must have knowledge of the root causes of conflicts including terrorism.
           We must have knowledge of various holy writings and how to coordinate and communicate correction in each religion without antagonizing the people.  It is not difficult, we only have to stay with “It is written in your holy book.”
           We need to be followers of holy writing.  Someone who knows God is real is not going to follow someone who thinks He doesn’t exist.
           We must be people who can see and hear all sides of a disagreement.
           We must be people that can be trusted to be impartial regarding nation or religion, being able to let truth lead to the common good.
           We must convey trustworthiness and true caring for all sides.
           We must appear in dress not to be antagonistic or dangerous to any religion or people.
I have these skills: they come from loving God and loving mankind, (in that order) and being willing to see that God’s wisdom brings good results with no sorrow added … man’s wisdom is destroying our environment, our physical and emotional health, our family relationships and our peace.
I would like to be your adviser.
This is a solution letter I sent to a US soldier in Iraq.  I don't know if he got it.   I refered it to others.
Dear Friend
Thinking of you, thought you would appreciate this and multiply it. Reuben is in Iraq.  God does have solutions when the people are ready.
God Bless You,
October 10, 2007
Dear Reuben,
God bless you as you go through these trials.  I know they must be difficult.
Be encouraged; God does have a solution and a way to bring all troops home honorably ...  and to win the war on terror... so all are happy about it.
I attend the Seventh Day Adventist Church four blocks from my home because I have no church that observes Torah, Prophets and Gospel in my area and they are the closest to it.
I am a strong follower of Jesus Christ (Isa in the Quran), but he followed the Torah (five books of bible, Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy) and the Prophets.
He said "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by EVERY word that proceeds from the mouth of God."  He also said "I did not come to destroy the Law (Torah) or the Prophets, but I come to fulfill"  That means that those things the prophets wrote concerning him, he accomplished (fulfilled), but God said  "not to add to  nor diminish" from His word.    This is important, because it is part of the solution.
God's solution and part of my story are at:
      type all
Truth breaks down errors...lies.... Muslims expect that truth will win the victory; it is written in the Quran.
All religions have received lies...errors that must be corrected.
Lies from religious leaders create violence and continue violence from both sides
Truth that end the lies and creates peace include:
       Allah means "the God" in Arabic.  God told Moses "I am the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac and the God of Jacob; ...that is My name and My memorial forever." Exodus 3:6, 15, 16   Allah is the God Jesus worshiped. Quran 42:14 
       The primary message of the Quran is to follow the full Bible of 600+ AD.  It was a corrective message for Christians to follow the Torah, Prophets and the Gospel.  It was a message for the Jews to follow the Prophets and the Gospel.  To unbelievers, it was another witness God sent to confirm that the Bible should be followed in truth.   SADLY, NEITHER CHRISTIAN, JEWS, NOR MUSLIMS ARE FOLLOWING THE BIBLE IN FULL. Many Quran and Bible links are in the web site.
        Another important truth:  The Quran points to following the Bible.
        It does not contain the Bible or replace the Bible.  Reading any part of the Bible confirms this.
        For Christians and Jews:  the Gospel or New Testament does not replace the "Old Testament".  The New Testament, is a new testimony through Jesus Christ that God's word through His prophets before are true in the rest of the Bible and we should live by them.
All Muslims sects have the same word through Muhammad.  The numbering is slightly different in each.  But another error is in saying  Quran 7:156-159 says to follow the prophet Muhammad,  In a clear reading, the prophet is saying to follow another, the one written in the Torah and Gospel.  That would be Isa, son of Mary.. Jesus Christ.
STRATEGY:  Give this web site address to MANY IRAQI people.  This message will be a joy for them.
                     Get your commanders to use this web site address as one of his weapons to fight them, but also to fight the evil in us.   This will not be establishing a religion, because there are thousands of religions that believe in the HOLY BOOKS FROM GOD.
                       Get your commanders to order these weapons: English-Arabic translations of the King James Bible and the Quran... both without commentary.  Distribute them to Iraqi families.  They will take them, if only to help them learn English.  Distribute them also to the US TROOPS British etc.  When the Muslims know you intend to read the Quran, they will have respect for you and most fighting will stop if you stop your aggression... because the Quran commands that when your aggression stops, they are commanded to stop and forgive.
NOTE: There are errors in the Quran.  Don't fear them or argue them; the truth that point to Jesus Christ (Isa) as the prophet to be followed and the truth of the Bible will overshadow any error.  When people refused to believe, God allowed error it come in.  FEAR NOT.
It is correction that God wants for all...  It must come for peace to come, not only in Iraq, but Afghanistan, Israel, and Palestine.. The way is prepared.  God's truth is His power.  He cannot lie.
Great destructions are promised upon the wicked and we all must be careful that we do not fall in the category of those wicked people who refuse to follow His word... including His holy Sabbaths as written in Exodus 20.
God Bless You All,
Marie Devine,   3023 Montgall Av,  Kansas City, MO 64128  USA

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