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Politics in Israel
Saturday, 28 July 2007
Likud Primaries 14 Aug. 07: Netanyahu playing dirty again Feiglin
Topic: Israeli Politicians

Weekly Update Av 11, 5767 (July 26 2007) Issue: 6742

Campaign Heating Up
thermometerIt looks like Bibi is getting nervous. This week we have encountered a downpour of court petitions and complaints filed by Netanyahu's people against Moshe Feiglin. We find it unfortunate that Bibi is not willing to face Moshe Feiglin on the issues, and instead chooses to fight dirty. Our attorneys are dealing with the patently false complaints and with G-d's help, they will be no cause for concern. They do show, however, that Bibi knows that he is losing ground to Moshe Feiglin.
And for good reason. According to the answers that Manhigut's phone staff has been getting, our situation is better than we thought. Even more important, there are a lot of Likudniks who have not yet decided how to vote. Experience has shown that it is not difficult to convince the undecided to vote for Feiglin. These are the people who we need to reach.
Here's how you can help:
* Volunteer for the internet and write talkbacks in favor of Moshe Feiglin on internet sites and blogs.
* Volunteer to call undecided Likudniks. This is especially relevant to Hebrew speakers.
* Volunteer to help out on Election Day. We need drivers, people to stand outside the polling places, observers and more.
* Donate to Manhigut Yehudit.
For more information, call Dovid Shirel at 02-996-1123.

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