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COUNTER PERSECUTION of Jews & Zionists with a safetynet in Israel!
Anti-Semitism"...there is no 'cycle of violence' in the Mideast, only persistent Arab murders of Jewish civilians followed by carefully limited Israeli retaliation." Louis Rene Beres, Professor of International Law at Purdue University.

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The cancer of anti-Semitism in Europe. By Jeff Jacoby. What the world should already know but so often forgets is that Jews are the canary in the coal mine of civilization. Anti-Semitism is like cancer; unchecked, it can metastasize and sicken the entire body. When civilized nations fail to rise up against the Jew-haters in their midst, it is often just a matter of time before the Jew-haters in their midst rise up against them.
Anti-Jew JewsJustice Minister Yosef Lapid (Shinui) opposed the "Judaism for Everyone" project at the Cabinet meeting arguing that it was wrong for the government to be involved in returning people to religion. When Health Minister Danny Naveh, Agriculture Minister Yisrael Katz and Education Minister Limor Livnat (all Likud) said that Lapid's remarks would be considered anti-Semitic if expressed anywhere else in the world, Interior Minister Avraham Poraz (Shinui) replied that a Jew should be allowed to be anti-Semitic. CABINET COMMUNIQUE, Sunday, 19 September, 2004
See: Worldly Israeli leaders' secret war against the Settlers (Including police brutality)

The Israeli experiment - of pretending to be everything but Jewish - is costing us blood. Moshe Feiglin 13 April 2004

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* Residents of Tapuach West said, "Only a sick and cynical anti Semitic judge could speak of destroying a Shul while showing proper respect to the place. How does one show respect to a holy place as they smash the walls on top of the ark holding the torah scroll and on top of men, women and children who are praying inside? Only a sick twisted, sadistic and cynical person could say such a thing.
* The Head Rabbi's of the settlements in Yesha called upon the Sharon Government to withdraw this evil decree and warned against the horrible implications and the grave sin of tearing down the synagogue.
* "The destruction of the Kahane Synagogue on Tapuach West, marks the first shot in Sharon's 'Kristalnacht' against Jewish property in Judea, Samaria and Gaza. A state that discriminates against Jews and Judaism is neither a Jewish state nor a democracy. How many times has Israel permitted wanted Arab terrorists to hide out in Mosques and churches so as to not in any way damage the structures or offend religions? However zero sensitivity is shown when it is Judaism and Jewish places of worship" Courts OK destruction of synagogue. "Voice of Judea" <> 20 January 2004

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In 1996, the day after Benjamin Netanyahu beat Shimon Peres by a tiny margin in the race for prime minister, a journalist from the extreme secular left Israeli newspaper Haaretz interviewed the defeated labor Party leader as follows:
Interviewer: What happened? Shimon Peres: We lost
Interviewer: Who is this we? Shimon Peres: The people of Israel
Interviewer: Then who won? Shimon Peres: Call it, the Jews
Tense exchanges between Prime Minister Ariel Sharon and his Attorney General Mazuz marked a cabinet session called to formulate a plan to protect Israelis from Palestinian Qassam rockets. IsraelÂ’s army has been unable to find a way to prevent them from being fired at its citizens, hundreds having been launched during the past four years. A man and young boy were recently killed during one such attack. According to the Hebrew daily Haaretz, at one point in the meeting Sharon said that Israel should be able to shell those who shell it. Attorney General Mazuz heatedly retorted that it would be a war crime, on the part of both the state and you personally." According to the paper, Sharon then shot back: "It's only when Jews are killed that it's not a crime, and the whole world is silent? Killing Jews is permissible?" By the meeting's end, a plan had been approved but Sharon called it "inadequate" and demanded further suggestions from the army. The Media Line Daily News Focus 8/31/2004<>
ConspiracyThe announcement of the gathering states, "This is our historic land. Our enemies who waged war on us since the beginning of Zionism will not be satisfied with one piece of land or another. Their ultimate goal is to uproot and banish us from the entire Land."
"We know about the plans being cooked-up in smoke-filled room calling to abandon and expel the residents of the Jordan Valley and Golan as well. Far from the spotlights, an international border crossing is being built in the northern Jordan Valley near Mehola – and this is clear proof of the dark storm about to come upon the Zionist enterprise. secular moshav movement, will host the first of a series of gatherings protesting Prime Minister Sharon's expulsion plan.secular moshav movement, will host the first of a series of gatherings protesting Prime Minister Sharon's expulsion plan.Arutz-7 Editor Arutz-7 News: Wednesday, February 2, 2005

NationsArouse the Arab world and offend the rest of the world, and a Bush administration that is not at all politically beholden to the Jews and entirely too beholden to oil interests... Leonard Fein. The Forward, March 16, 2001

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Rabbinical tradition, however, provides a simpler explanation of Tutu's eagerness to "forgive" the Nazis while excoriating the descendants of their victims: "Whoever is merciful to the cruel," the rabbis warn, "will end by being indifferent to the innocent." Edward Alexander, Seattle Times, 18 January 1990
Israel bow  to / Counsel from nations
US double standard:- the Middle East "our military strength and willingness to use it" should be the "key factor in our ability to promote peace." Elliott Abrams, Bush Adm. ME coordinator
US Presidents' promises mean nothing: Former Israeli liaison to Congress Yoram Ettinger said that even low-level Bush promises are not something to get excited about:
"If he says that Israel will not have to return to its pre-1967 borders, so what? Many American Presidents have said this in the past - such as Johnson in 1968 and Reagan in 1982. And even if Bush promises lots of money, he cannot guarantee it. For instance, Clinton promised Barak a few years ago $800 million in exchange for the withdrawal from Lebanon - but this money has not yet arrived. This is because Congress has to approve it, and this is a very long process - and that's the way the American democracy works... It's not a monarchy. For instance, Reagan promised in 1981 that the F-15 jets sold to Saudi Arabia would not be stationed in the Tabuk base within striking distance of Eilat - but in fact they are stationed there right now..." Apr. 13, 2004 Arutz Sheva News Service
Manighut Yehudit

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UN -biasUN-Watch: Jean Ziegler, United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food:
He states, for example, that "[t]he building of the security fence/apartheid wall constitutes a violation of the obligation to respect the right to food because it does not follow the 1967 border." Similarly off-topic, Ziegler reports that "if there were no settlements, then there would be no need for harsh internal closures.", October 01, 2003
Intl meddlingWhat an irony: the very same bodies and individuals who press Israel the hardest to trade its security for yet more pieces of paper are the first to turn their backs on the pieces of paper that Israel already paid so dearly for. Dr. Aaron Lerner, Director IMRA (Independent Media Review & Analysis)  23 January 2004
America and Britain have talked up the creation of an independent Palestinian state. The purpose of the 'peace process' is no longer to make peace, but to satisfy one party to the conflict..." - To Court Arafat is to Succour [Help] the Enemy of Our Ally Israel, by Daniel Johnson, the London Telegraph, Oct. 16, 2001
U.S. policy: Abu Mazen may enjoy carte blanche. Declarations and photo opportunities, as a rule, take the place of actual compliance. Aaron Lerner 23 April 2003
Foreign Minister Shalom conceded that Israel will remain a “pawn” of America and that Israel would not make any unilateral moves without first clearing the details with their “handlers” in Washington. Voice of Judea. 04 March 2004
Poll: Nearly 70% of Americans believe that the Palestinian Arabs have not fulfilled the conditions necessary to be given a state, and oppose the Arab demand for expulsion of Jews from the territories.
ZOA National President Morton A. Klein said: "It is a myth that American public opinion supports creating a Palestinian Arab state or expelling the Jewish residents of Judea-Samaria and Gaza.  An overwhelming majority of Americans oppose creating what would be a new terrorist state, and oppose the racist, un-American concept of kicking people out of their homes and towns on the basis of their religion or ethnicity." January 23, 2004 
Israel refrains from driving the hostile Arabs out and using the necessary force to crush it because they fear that America will cut off aid. Israel now appeals to their American handlers to cover the losses caused by their obedience to America. Voice of Judea Israeli Headlines. 27 November 2002

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